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The Gisborne Photo News



Dinner For Lads and Dads

It was a big night for Y.M.C.A. boys on October 5. For on that evening, they brought their fathers along for dinner at what has become an annual institution. Last year mothers were the guests -- this year it vas dad's turn.

After a hearty meal (served by some of the mums), all present settled back in their chairs for a programme of items and films. And all agreed, when it was over, that it had been a really good show.


Pictures on these pages were taken by "Photo News" at the various tables.

At the table, above right, are seated Mr H. A. R. Patterson, chairman of the Gisborne Y.M.C.A. board of directors, and the general secretary, Mr R. J. O'Kane.

At above are the ladies who assisted with the serving of the meal.