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The Gisborne Photo News



Coca Cola Crossword

All correctly completed crosswords opened at our office after midday, 21st June 1996, will be in the draw to win a Juke Box AM/FM Radio Cassette. The draw will take place in front of an independent witness. Winners will be notified in the following issue of the Gisborne Photo News. Prizes are not transferable. The judge's decision will be final. See below for last months lucky winner.


1. A creator or manufacturer.

4. Stress in music or language.

9. Dried grapes.

10. Once more.

11. Parched, barren.

12. Waikaremoana, for instance.

13. Expression of surprise.

14. Performer who overacts (slang)

16. Short, flat Maori club.

18. Type of steak.

20. Passenger vehicle.

22. Day or night before a festival.

23. Lamb's mum.

24. Chardonnay, for instance.

27. Rough-riding contest.

29. On water sport popular in Gisborne.

30. Drives too fast.

31. Collides with.


1. Creator of Footrot Flats (first name)

2. This hill is a Gisborne landmark.

3. Horse restraint.

5. Chrisp biscuits.

6. Historic period.

7. Country singer Camille (surname, 2 & 4)

8. Sacred song.

14. Cattle breed.

15. After noon.

17. Increase, lengthen.

19. A suit in playing cards.

20. A steer, for instance.

21. Rows of plants used as fences.

25. Dialect, or form of expression.

26. Arm or a leg.

28. Colouring material.

The winner of Vol 31, drawn from all the correct entries received before the deadline, is Jan Thompson of Anzac Street, Gisborne. Congratulations Jan, you should find lots of use for your Coca Cola Sports Bag.


The solution to the Coca Cola Crossword featured in Vol 31 of the Cisborne Photo News.