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The Gisborne Photo News



The Monthly Community Photo Magazine
Published by: Gisborne Photo News Art Services Ltd. P.O.Box: 2010 Gisborne. Office: State Insurance Building, 124 Bright Street.
The photos taken for this magazine and many others are available following publication.
Each time the Photo News heads off to be printed there is a feeling of elation and a great sense of relief. For a brief moment as one leaves, there are the concerns as to how it will look, how it will read and if it will appeal to all sectors of the community. Then, with that issue finished, "what will we fill the next one with?" becomes an all consuming problem. A week later, the problem is reversed. What can we leave out of the next one? So much seems to happen in this area and everyone wants to appear in the Photo News. Do not be put off if we decline to come and take photos. We would rather not take them if we know there will not be room in the next magazine for them. This is disappointing to all concerned. Sometimes we have given generous coverage lately to a particular organisation and as we endeavour to spread our coverage, we ask that those turned down, contact us at a later date or alternately take photos and submit them to us. The Photo News is our masthead. It shows the quality of our capabilities and there are many other aspects to our business. Try us, you'll like the result.
Editor: Ginny Sherriff.
Photographs: Ross Moodie, Ginny Sherriff
Production and Design: John Stirton.
Administration: Vicki Coley.
Advertising Representative: Ross Moodie
Phone: (06) 867 2262
Fax: (06) 867 7011