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The Gisborne Photo News



The Scene Outside

A Whole Day's Supply

At Aitken's Concrete Works in Awapuni Road they lifted the roof off the plant to install a new hopper. The hopper holds 7½ tons of aggregate, or enough to supply one day's operations.


Monk Bros' crane lowers the hopper through the roof and on to its stand.


The hopper on the ground prior to lift-up!


Gone For Good

Summertime Swimming


From Mrs Joy McIntosh comes this picture taken after the "blow-up" of the old highway "rabbit" bridge over the Mohaka River on the Wairoa-Napier Road. Used by thousands of Gisborne travellers over the years the bridge has been replaced by a wide and curving modern structure.


A new use for the fibre glassing process has been introduced to the private swimming pool scene in Gisborne. Hansen and Tomlinson have the Mayfair Pool franchise and this consists of the pool being shaped, then covered continuously with fibre glass, thus giving one complete unit. Workmen are seen finishing off the first coat. A second covering is added soon after to give the required colour.