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The Gisborne Photo News



Golden Jubilee For Aranga

A delicious and appropriately decorated cake was the highlight of a special gathering of the Aranga Guides in the Guide Hall on July 10. The company celebrated its 50th anniversary. More celebrations took place over the following weekend with a fellowship and buffet dinner evening on the Saturday, and a church parade on the Sunday at Holy Trinity Church. The start of the company came when several girls met in the Parish Hall in Derby Street in 1925. Both present day Guides and Brownies enjoyed three days of very pleasant celebration functions.


Guides at the Thursday function are, from left, in first semi circle, Christina Mathos, Suzanne Miller, Robyn Strange, Jenny Briant, Donna Warren, Karen Johnstone, Christine Corbin and Jocelyn Goodhue. Second semicircle, Sharon Corbin, Susan Hogan, Kay McKnight, Dawn Bell, Jenny Adams, Pamela Bell, Heather Phillips, Karen Scott, Debbie White, Karen Martin, Jenny Robertson, Rachel McCoy and Ann Chamberlain. At left back is Guide Leader Mrs Muriel Mitchell.


Family involvement in guiding is epitomised by Mrs Dianne Robertson (Guide Leader) and her daughters, from left, Jenny (Guide) and Barbara and Judith (Brownies).



Brownies at the function are, in front, at each side of the cake — Karyn Taylor and Melissa Cooksey; first row round the table — Nicola Bradley, Debbie Shotton, Jane Andrew, Robyn Hogan, Marney Newell, Judith Robertson, Margaret-Ann Smith, Sonia Sparks, Susan Hardy and Diane James; and second row, Megan Hickman, Kerrin Stubbs, Catherine Russell, Suzanne Russell, Gail Holmberg, Barbara Johnstone, Bronwyn White, Caroline Pitt, Ruth Hickman, Barbara Robertson and Sharon Hollamby, At back are Mrs Jan Plaisted (Guide Leader), Lorraine Lucas and Mrs Dianne Robertson (Guide Leader).