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The Gisborne Photo News



And Your Child?

While it appears that most parents are only too eager to have their children attend a kindergarten, most seem to be somewhat apathetic when it comes to the support for the foundation of another Free Kindergarten in Gisborne. The establishment committee is working very hard but more support is needed, not only by parents but also by anyone who has the time to help with the foundation of another kindy. A recent public meeting was held but much more interest and help needs to be taken by the community in general. Can you help? If so, secretary Margaret Ross (phone 87-335) should be contacted.


Establishment committee members at the recent meeting included, from left, Mesdames Lyn Evans, Dorothy Farmer, Marie Moffat, Margaret Ross, Lorna Judd and Eris Boyack (president, Gisborne Kindergarten Association Committee).