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Come Up Sometime

-And See Me -And See my Etchings

The famous Mae West said the first, and over the years countless thousands of men-about-town have said the second to their propective conquests. Actually, whether Mae had any time for etchings is a moot point! However, tootle along to Palmerston Galleries if you want to see what rare old etchings are all about. They have a fine selection on display at present, along with engravings of the 18th and 19th century.


Some of thenumerous works on display, and for sale


Of interest are these two etchings of Wood Street, Essex, and Mill on Blackheath, Kent, by R. Laurie. These scenes are no more, as motorways have charged straight through.


Mt Egmont, a rare CD. Barraud print of 1877.