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Camera Clicks

Honorary Membership

Honorary membership of the Gisborne Branch of the Post Office Women's League was conferred on five members at the league's April meeting. This honour was given to mark twenty years' individual executive service to the league, and was presented by the president, Mrs H. E. Bloxham.

Where Did You?

Get that hat, of course! Members of the Hard of Hearing League were afforded a little light entertainment, and quite a few laughs; when a parade of hats was held for the edification of members at a recent meeting. Not ordinary hats, mind you, but eye-catching, devil-may-care hats.


From left, Mesdames Bloxham, J. Gordon, J. W. Tulloch and W. A. Blair.


Miss M. Mahoney and Mrs P. W. Braithwaite.


Taking part were, from left, in front, Mesdames E. Jones (Blackout), J. Tansley (Ascot) and E. Nicholson (Dolly Varden). At back: K. Ball (Mexicano), D. Harrison (Napoleon), M. Wood (Fine Feathers), M. Ross (Sew & Sew), K. Hart (Peggotty Ann), M. Foster (Victoriana) and J. Bird (Burlington Bertie From Bow)