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It'S Not The Fireworks' Fault!


It is lack of parental supervision, and the fact that fireworks are taken far too cheaply, that causes accidents (With Horrible Results) to keep occurring each November. Guy Fawkes night can be fun, if you've got that sort of money to burn. But it's hardly worth it if your child is going to end up like the lad in the picture below. The Health Department programme for this month, in Home Safety Year, emphasises the real need for care to be taken of children's eyes. Not somebody elses – yours. How many sharp instruments have You got lying around, just waiting to be "played with" by the young ones – instruments such as scissors, pocket knives, darts, pencils and the like. Young children have not yet reached the age of reasoning; parents have. Or Are Supposed To Have! Take Care or your child's sight. Please?