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The Gisborne Photo News



Maiming For Life

A large proportion of domestic accidents involve the use of machinery. All age groups are affected but the highest incidence in this accident area is from the 5 to 45 age group. Little children, particularly, are affected, with the ordinary lawn mower, the power mower and rotary mower accounting for the 10 to 54-year age group. The second most common accident in the home, due to machinery, is from the electric wringer, the age group affected here being the toddler, the one to five-year-old. There is a danger with quite a large number of our other domestic appliances, also. Listed among them we find mincers, potato mashers, washing machines and food mixers. In the garage situation we find things like concrete mixers, water pumps, planing machines, car jacks, buzz saws, band saws and circular saws. The most common result of accidents caused by our mechanical home aids is unfortunately Amputation, Extreme Disfiguring, Laceration Or Concussion. Don't forget, with kiddies, it's over to the Adult Or Parent, Every Time, to guard against these accidents.


Curiosity not only kills the cat, but often leaves inquisitive fingers missing after a brush with rotary mower blades which have been left whirling while the catcher is being emptied.


Doing what Mum does, particularly while Mum is out at the line, can result in irreparable damage to a young hand and arm! Don't be the cause of injury and sadness. Especially your child's!