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The Gisborne Photo News



Dancing Dollies

All types of dancing lessons are available for girls at the Seymour Road School, where those shown on this page all gained high distinction in recent exams.


These cute young dollies, examined by British Ballet Organisation examiner Peggy Wilson, of London, all took honours in the scholars' ballet grade. From left, Toni Clout (aged 5), Katrina Jennings (6), Debbie Kerr (5), Catherine McGachie (4), Christine Dearness (4) and Paula Ransley (5).


From left, Roslyn Smith, Kerry Low and Trudy Stratton, who each gained honours in primary and juvenile tap. Trudy also passed her grade two ballet with honours.


Major tap exams were passed by, from left, Janine Bull (highly commended in full advanced), Heather Piesse (honours in higher preliminary and elementary), and Jane Third and Angela Stratton (honours in elementary).