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Dont Leave Them Alone

The Danger Of Leaving Children Unattended In Cars

Babies and young children are often left unattended in cars while parents are shopping or visiting. Apart from the psychological effect of leaving a young child alone in a car, there are other dangers. Babies in carry-cots or cribs could suffocate or could be affected by over-heating through constant crying. Children have also been known to injure themselves through falling in the car, jamming their fingers in doors or windows, and choking while eating or drinking.

A toddler could open doors and wander off into the traffic, and there is also the possibility of him starting the motor or smashing his bottle against the window and receiving cuts from broken glass.


A child locked in a car could be a hazard in case of fire and there is also some danger of abduction. Sometimes, when a child is left for some time alone in a car, there could be considerable irritation to other people by the constant tooting of the horn.


The answer to all these possibilities is to leave the baby or young child at home with a competent baby sitter, especially when you know he may have to spend a period of time in the car by himself.