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The Gisborne Photo News



Caring For The Young

Somewhere for the care of the child or children is often a burning question when the mother is working, needs a day or two away, has urgent business to attend to, or perhaps needs just a few hours for shopping. Day nurseries are the answer, and one of these licenced to operate in Gisborne is Rachel and Dianne's Day Nursery in Aberdeen Road. We took a camera along there to see what was what.

As with any organisation like this, conditions laid down by the authorities are strict, particularly where health is concerned. However, Mrs Lobes and Mrs Saunders have their premises in conformity with the regulations and, both being mothers themselves, have the ability and confidence to cope with young children. Activities include supervised play, outings, naps, meals, and storytimes.


Mrs Rachel Lobes reads a story to, from left, Simon Matthewson, Robert Williams, Haydn Stewart, Michael Lobes and Darryl Jones.


Fun in the sandpit for Duncan Rees and Brett Saunders.


Daniel Swarbrick tries out the rope ladder.


Mrs Dianne Saunders gives Nicole Bishop a morning swing.