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The Gisborne Photo News



Novel Celebration

Members of the Puha C.W.I. celebrated the branch's 41st birthday by bringing all sorts of country goodies into town to entertain and provide luncheon for members of the Social Group for the Disabled. The gathering was held in the Old Folks' Hall in Bright Street, where the atmosphere was very jolly, to say the least.


With the birthday cake are, in front, Mrs S. Price, Mrs C. Wells, Mr J. Allan and Mrs A. McNab. At back are Puha C.W.I, members Mesdames L. Rogers, I. Kemp, G. Scammell (president), T. Te Ua, R. V. MacGregor, R. Allison and J. Thompson.


At back, Mr F. C. Griffin and Mesdames R. Neilson and R. Patterson (host and hostesses), and, in front, Mrs G. Drummond (Puha) and Mrs A. V. Cooper (convenor).


In front, S.G.D. members Mrs J. Walsh, Miss V. McCarthy, Mesdames C. Bryant, L. Hooper, R. Clarke, F. Griffin and, at back, Mesdames C. Andrew and S. Rule, and Puha members Mesdames F. Alley, W. Neil, M. Brown, F. Kohiri, Miss N. Hollamby, and Mesdames M. Gaukrodger and F. Peach.