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The Gisborne Photo News



Rotary News

A new Rotary Club has been formed in the city and will be known as Gisborne West. Pictured above are charter members of the club. From left, front row: Directors Nigel Nicholson, Brian Johnstone, John Mackay, Mel Simpson (president), Bill Bishop (vice-president), Jock White (secretary), and Bob Nicoll. Second row: Graham Kinge, John Primrose, Ray Poulgrain, George Johnson, Ray Porter, Lionel Neill, Frank Mead. Third row: Lester Traue, Ian Laskey, Jim Kilpatrick, Murray Upton, Roy Bullen. Back row: John Logan, Ian Shaw, Rab Neilson, Jonathan Graham and Ralph Hall. Absent: Willis Burns (immediate past president), Mark Egan, Bruce Morrison and George Morrison.

Rotarians from the East Coast and Hawkes Bay areas combined to paint the Camp Kaitawa building recently.


Ready with brush and paint are Bill Bishop, a visitor, Bill De Costa, another visitor, Harold Williams, David Stannard, Mel Simpson, Jack Steven and Jonathan Graham.


At work on the back wall.


Town Clerk Bill Hudson and Mayor Harry Barker hold the Authority from the College of Arms, London. The Authority allows the city to use a coat of arms.