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The Gisborne Photo News



Out & About


Rob Bayly has made a start on the Sandown section for the new hotel in Elgin. With the use of a T D 25 from Rock Products short work was made of the gigantic tree stumps on the section. New trees and shrubs will be planted and nearly all existing trees will be left and treated, or moved, to suit the layout as a whole.


Common Shelton and Co., to cope with ever increasing amount of grain needed to be stored in Gisborne, have recently enlarged their silos in Bright Street. The capacity of the silos, previously 18,000 bushels, has been increased by 50%.


A very rare happening occurred in the railway yards prior to Christmas when a goods train engine was derailed due to a faulty switch. The goods wagons, which blocked Grey Street for nearly an hour, were hauled away and the engine reinstated on the track the following morning.