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Derby Street Bridge

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Notice Bridge Closed To All Persons No Thoroughfare

Sir - I saw on television the other night how they put up a footbridge over a busy Auckland road, using prefabricated steel section. From memory the job was done in a couple of days.

I suppose the old Derby Street bridge will be closed for years, like William Pettie was, while the ponderous wheels of city administration, engineering, and finance slowly grind out a new model. I am reminded of the time the slip closed Riverside Road, and it would have been closed for months but the farmers got bulldozers and made their own road. It was open in a matter of days.

Derby Street bridge is urgent for hundreds of people, especially mothers with kiddies going to school. I'll bet if we could hand the job to the Japs they would have a new bridge up in three weeks. The finance bogey is all baloney. The real problem is how to shake up city hall and get some action.

Irate Pedestrian.