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The Gisborne Photo News



This month we introduce a regular feature containing a round-up of news from the many schools in the district. In addition to these, a picture of the staff of one school will appear each month.

To set the ball rolling we selected the district's senior secondary school, the Boys' High, the staff of which is seen at left. They are, from left, seated (department heads): Messrs J. Leitch (English), D. G. Bird (biology and night classes), R. H. Cook (languages), G. M. Simpson (Principal), T. M. Sharp (deputy-Principal), J. F. McDonald (technical), W. G. Renner (science), B. Atkins (social studies), and A. G. Dodds (careers). Second row: J. Lloyd, G. E. Mudge, W. H. Lysnar, Mesdames I. G. Davidson, C. G. Menzies, N. Evans, R. S. Anderson, J. McKenzie, Messrs J. R. Murray, and E. H. Twizell. Third and fourth rows combined: B. Fromont, J. A. Brownie, B. Third, P. H. Dow, G. T. Marsden, J. J. Bekkers, R. H. Heath, A. M. Askew, R. C. Rashbrooke, A. Eden, J. Morton, R. N. Grono, and A. W. Calderwood. At rear: R. C. T. Williams, J. H. McFarlane, N. Simpson, B. Cairns, and D. H. Boal.


To add interest to the curriculum of students at the Boys' High a hobbies period is held each week. One such hobby is chess, played here (from left) by Kevin Wilson, John Hughes, Richard Steele, and Robert Lockwood.


Pupils of the Wainui Primary School have adopted J. Wattie Canneries' new fishing vessel Wainui II to promote their interest in a project on the local fishing industry. The children attended the christening of the vessel earlier this month and are pictured on board prior to being taken for a ride around the harbour.