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The Gisborne Photo News



Teachers' Graduation

Thirty-eight trainee school teachers who had served their P.A. year at Gisborne schools during 1965 were presented with their graduation certificates by the Minister of Education, Mr A. E. Kinsella, at a ceremony in the Gisborne Intermediate School assembly hall.

Not pictured are: Wynne Brown, Peter Fox, and Andrew Smith.


From left, back row: Russell Barrett, Diane Brooking, Dorothy Brown, Lesley Clapham, Daphne Coyle. Front row: Yvonne Crosby, Penelope Dick, David Gordon, Phyllis Fraser, and Jaye Haig.


Back row: Tautohe Kupenga, Diane Hamilton, Elaine Judd, Lloyd Lawson, Pauline Kawiti, Sharon Lawson. Front row: Peter Lawton, Wendy McDiarmid, Roberta McIntyre, Denis Mallon, Hannah Maraki, June Mitchell.


Back row: Paul Metsers, Rosalie Murray, Turoa Pohatu, Edna Pickett, Carol Scholium, Russell Yates, Janet Blake. Front: Peter Sisterson, Ailsa Steele, Sharon Troy, Judith Wykes, Heather McLeod, Gabriel Parkes.