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The Gisborne Photo News



P.B. Defeat West Australia

The touring West Australian polo team was defeated in its first game on New Zealand soil when it met Poverty Bay at the Bushmere Polo Grounds.

Riding on borrowed ponies the visitors could perhaps be excused their defeat by four goals to two, but credit must be given the home side for its fine match-winning performance.

The ground and weather were perfect for the six-chucker encounter, watched by a crowd of 1000.


In the fifth chucker Australian Des Reid took a spectacular fall when his pony stumbled during a race for the ball with Sholto Matthews (left). Coming up is Ian Kirkpatrick.


John Kirkpatrick swings in to strike home Poverty Bay's fourth goal. Coming up at left is Australian Laurie Bain.


Horse and rider roll as Ian Kirkpatrick moves past and Geoff Fisher approaches