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The Gisborne Photo News



Economical Hot Houses

A keen Gisborne gardener, Mr C. W. Latta, 9 Iranui Road, has discovered an economical and very efficient method of overcoming the large cash outlay required for a glass house by erecting polythene hot houses in his back yard.

Mr Latta has two houses, totalling 216 square feet, by six feet high, which he made with wooden framing covered by polythene sheeting at a cost of about £15.

In the houses he produced a bumper crop of juicy tomatoes, which were harvested over a ten-week period starting in mid-November.

Mr Letta attributes the success of his crop to the houses maintaining both high temperatures and humidity.


Inside the hot house Mr and Mrs Latta pick their tomatoes. As can be seen, the plants, 160 in all, were very heavily laden.


An outside view of the hot houses


Mr Latta tends his crop