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The Gisborne Photo News



Scenic Guide for a Holiday in Gisborne

Christmas holiday time is upon us once again, and the next few weeks will see thousands of tourists and holiday-makers visiting the city for their annual vacations.

In this issue of "Photo News", we have devoted ten pages to scenic pictures of the city and district as a guide for our many visitors.

The most historic spot in Gisborne, and for that matter in New Zealand, is marked by the memorial pictured above, at Kaiti Beach, for it was here that Captain James Cook first set foot on New Zealand soil nearly 200 years ago (8th October, 1769). After sighting the white cliffs of Young Nicks Head, Cook sailed his Endeavour into the bay and put ashore at Kaiti Beach. Searching for food and water after his long period at sea, Cook and his party were attacked by Maoris. After a short encounter, he returned to his vessel and sailed up the East Coast, leaving behind him the name which the district still uses today....Poverty Bay.