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The Gisborne Photo News



New Transmitter

A new twin-unit radio transmitter, costing about £10,000, was installed in the N.Z.B.C's transmitter building at Wainui Beach recently.

Built in Japan, the transmitter will bring the power of Gisborne's national station, 2YW, up to. the broadcasting strength of the city's commercial station, 2XG.

The installation of the equipment is an involved and lengthy project, and will take technicians more than a month to complete. It is hoped to have the transmitter operating for the New Year.


The crated transmitter is unloaded by a mobile crane at the Wainui establishment. In the background is the joint 2XG and 2YW aerial mast.


A portion of the complex interior


Gisborne technician Arthur-Norgrove (left) and R. Hamlett, of the Wellington transmitter section, working on the modern equipment.