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The Gisborne Photo News



New Crayfishing Boat

A new crayfishing boat, the 45ft Sea Star, sailed her delivery voyage from Napier to Gisborne recently.

Owned by Mr Jim Phear, of Wainui Beach, the vessel was built by the Celina Trawling Company, and is the second boat in Mr Phear's fleet.

A trim craft, she will be working from Gisborne, fishing off the East Coast for Whitley and Sons fisheries, who are exporting an increasing quantity of crayfish tails to the U.S.A.


The Sea Star prepares to berth


Moving up the harbour channel


Pictured on board the vessel are, from left: Ian Whitley, Jim Phear (skipper), Robin Phear (crew), Cliff Whitley, and Bill Whitley.