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The Gisborne Photo News



Giant Transporter Visits Gisborne

A giant Lockheed Hercules transporter, the largest aircraft to have landed at Darton Field, demonstrated its capabilities before a crowd of about 2000 on a sunny morning last month.

A tremendously powerful craft, it required less than half the length of the sealed runway for its take-offs and landings, and amazed the spectators by flying on only two of its four enormous engines. If necessary, it can maintain altitude on only one engine.

The aircraft was the first civil version of the extremely successful Hercules military model to be built, and was visiting Gisborne in the course of a world sales promotion tour. It has already visited 13 countries throughout the world during the six weeks since it left America.


The Hercules climbs away from the airport after take-off


Flying low over an N.A.C. Friendship aircraft on the concrete apron


Traffic and spectators crowded the airport



Flagging the Hercules into position on the concrete apron


One of the giant propellers towers over men on the ground


The huge tail assembly of the Hercules dwarfs a crewman taking a picture from the top of the fuselage.