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The Gisborne Photo News



Sidelights On Our Jet-Age Airport

With the introduction of a jet-prop Fokker Friendship service to Darton Field, various changes have been made to the areas in line with the ends of the new sealed runway.


A soil access causeway was constructed from the southern end of the runway across a portion of the Awapuni swamp to enable fire-fighting and rescue machines to race directly to the scene in the event of a plane crashing after take-off. A portion of Awapuni Road has been lowered to enable traffic to proceed uninterrupted during aircraft take-offs and landings.


On the morning of the first visit by an N.A.C. Friendship, workmen were frantically sweeping the taxiway clear of dust as the aircraft approached the runway from over the trees in the background.


The trees on Mr L. Eade's property at Makaraka, which are in line with the northern end of the runway, were extensively topped to bring them down to Civil Aviation specifications. The extent of the topping can be judged by these two before-and-after pictures.