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The Gisborne Photo News



Revolutionary Woolshed

A new "Woolaway" four-stand internal race woolshed, incorporating many revolutionary features, was exhibited to the public last month.

Designed by Les Nicholas, of Napier, the shed was built by Bernie Norman on Hugh Bridge's Kohe Kohe station, Te Arai Valley Road, Manutuke, and is the first of its type in the district.

A feature of the shed are the draught-proof shutes with counter-weighted traps fitted on the same level as the floor, which assist in a quick exit of the sheep after being shorn. Lifting and swinging gates in the holding pens assist the shearer in fast handling and penning of the sheep.


Designer and owner, Les Nicholas (left) and Hugh Bridge, pictured in front of the new woolshed


A sheep makes its rapid exit from the shearing floor after it has walked on to the counter-weighted trap at the top of the shute.


Sheep move under one of the lifting-swinging type gates in the pens