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The Gisborne Photo News



Exchanging Ideas

Women of the L.D.S. Relief Society and the Cobham School Parent-Teachers' Association recently got together in the L.D.S. Chapel in Cochrane Street to exchange ideas for supplying stock for sale at their shop days.

Samples of the work done by both organisations were displayed, and lectures on the making of bed quilts, clothing, and novelty items were given.

To help supply goods for its monthly shop days, the L.D.S. committee holds judged competitions among its members.

Fortnightly working bees help swell the stock of articles to he sold at the Cobham school's annual shop day.


L.D.S. members Mrs W. Dennis (left) and Mrs M. Whaanga, demonstrate quilt-making to a group of Cobham women. They are from left: Mesdames L. Robb, J. Stubbs, P. Taylor, D. Priday, and A. Hughes.


Wrs L. Sampey (centre) judges some of the L.D.S. women's decorative shell work. At left is Mrs R. Greening, and at right, Mrs H. McGhee, president of the L.D.S. Relief Society.


Mesdames R. Fahy and J. Stubbs admire some of the products


Mesdames P. Taylor, P. Hawaikiranga (L.D.S. work leader), J. Maurirere, and T. G. Fahy (Cobham P.T.A. secretary), display some of their knitted work.