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The Gisborne Photo News



Roving Camera


A top-dressing aircraft taking off from the new sealed runway at Darton Field. In the background is the group of trees on Mr L. Eade's property, opposite the race course at Makaraka, which have to be removed to allow a safety margin of air space for the new N. A. C. Friendships. Included in the trees is a Norfolk pine believed to be 93 years old.


One of Gisborne's new set of traffic lights suffered its first damage last month when it was hit by a motorist. The standard supporting the lights was bent over to touch the ground, and had to be replaced because of a bad fracture close to the concrete island. It is pictured the following morning, still working, but looking a little the worse for wear.


Mr Tom McGrannachan, Makaraka, with a 10ft 6in, 160lb thresher shark he caught off Matakoa Point, Hicks Bay.