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The Gisborne Photo News



Erosion At Wainui Beach

Sea erosion to the foreshore at Wainui Beach over the last few months has caused considerable concern to the beach-front residents and to the authorities.

Extensive protection work with sheet-steel pile groynes extending at right angles to the beach, which was carried out several years ago, has proved inadequate, and further means of checking the inroads made by the relentless sea are now being considered.

The portion of the beach suffering most is a section adjacent to Tuahine Crescent at the southern end of the bay, where erosion has endangered the safety of a house.


Wooden retaining walls help support an unstable bank with a house perched on top dangerously close to the edge.


A staircase from a beach cottage left partially suspended by the eroding bank


A view looking along the beach towards the trouble spot showing the steel groynes spaced along the sand